Cabbage and Sauerkraut

Easy Side Dish  For Beef or Pork

& Corned Beef's Best Friend!

Only 6 Main Ingredients

Why You'll Love  This Dish


Ready in less than  20 minutes!

Easy to make


cabbage sauerkraut onion chicken or veggie broth butter and oil salt and pepper

Start by slicing all of your vegetables. You can even prep this ahead of time, for less work at mealtime

Sauté the onions and sauerkraut for a few minutes, then add in the rest of the ingredients

Let time do it's magic, turning the vegetables over in the pan every few minutes. Everything will get tender and caramelized and the aroma will be intoxicating!

Savory, with a hint of sweetness, a touch of acidity, and those irresistible brown bits on the edges... this is the side dish that will actually get you excited about the humble cabbage!

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