Made with Sour Cream

The Best  Coffee Cake Muffins

Less than a dozen ingredients

Why You'll Love  These Muffins

Cinnamon streusel both inside  and on top


Tender and Fluffy


flour cinnamon brown sugar granulated sugar salt butter baking powder baking soda egg sour cream vanilla

Start by making a simple  streusel with butter, flour, sugar, and cinnamon

Then whisk together your wet ingredients, including egg, sour cream, melted butter, and vanilla

Next, fold in your dry ingredients and mix until just combined

Scoop a couple tablespoons of batter into your liners and smooth with the back of a spoon

Top with a tablespoon of streusel

Add more batter and smooth the top

Then add more streusel. I find using a cookie cutter or ring mold helps keep the streusel where it belongs - on top!

Bake as directed and let cool until you just can't wait anymore!!