Quick & Easy

2-Ingredient English Muffins


Only 2 Ingredients and No Yeast!

Why You'll Love My English Muffins

Crispy outside

Ready in less than  45 minutes!

with all the nooks and crannies inside


Greek Yogurt

Self-rising Flour

cornmeal (optional)

Sift self-rising flour into a large bowl with  Greek yogurt

Mix into a stiff dough

Knead just to bring the dough all together -  1 to 2 minutes

Divide into 8  equal pieces

Sprinkle the counter with cornmeal (optional but traditional) and press pieces of dough into a ring mold or jar lid

Sprinkle with more cornmeal on top and repeat with the rest

You can also hand shape them if you like

Cover and cook in a cast iron pan or another heavy skillet

After 10 minutes, flip and cover to cook on the other side

To get the traditional nooks and crannies, use a fork to pierce the outside edge, then pull open to reveal them!

Toast and enjoy!


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