Gyeran Bokkeumbap

The Best  Korean  Egg Fried Rice

Less than a dozen ingredients

Why You'll Love  This Dish

Ready in about 30 minutes!

Cooks all in one pan

Uses yesterday's cooked rice


rice eggs green onions soy sauce sesame oil vegetable oil pork belly garlic ginger gochujang honey

Egg Fried Rice usually starts with day old rice, but you can make it fresh and let it cool, or you can even use leftover take-out rice!

Start by soft scrambling some eggs

In the same pan, saute pork belly marinated in Korean seasonings  (you can use thick cut bacon)

Remove the pork belly, wipe out the pan, and. crisp up your rice

Add the lighter part of the green onion and saute

Then add soy sauce and sesame oil and mix all together

Add back in the eggs and combine

Serve with pork belly, kimchi, and any other toppings you like!