Made all in one bowl!

The  Fluffiest Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Less than a dozen ingredients

Why You'll Love  These Pancakes

Ready in less than  30 minutes!


Super tall  and fluffy

Greek Yogurt makes a thick and fluffy batter that makes the tallest & fluffiest pancakes!


flour sugar baking powder baking soda salt yogurt milk eggs vanilla butter

Start by combining your wet ingredients, including Greek yogurt and milk, in a large bowl, then whisk

This is a one bowl situation, so sprinkle your dry ingredients all over the top...

... then use your spatula to lightly mix them together...

... before digging in and mixing completely

I like to use an ice cream scoop to portion my thick batter onto my pan or griddle...

... and when the edges look dry and bubbles form and start to pop...

... flip without fear!  Just do it!

You've just made the Fluffiest Greek Yogurt Pancakes!