For a few or for a crowd!

5 Make Ahead Brunch Recipes

Fluffy cake, topped with a buttery cinnamon topping, this Crumb Cake recipe can be doubled to feed everyone at the table!

# 1 

Flaky croissants filled with lucious almond cream, this Almond Croissant recipe can be made ahead and made  for a crowd!

# 2 

This easy Sheet Pan Frittata is delicious! Saute all the veggies and beat the eggs the night before, for easy assembly in the morning!

# 3 

Customizable for any taste, these Buttermilk Muffins have a tender crumb and delicious flavor. Make a big batch because they're going to disappear!

# 4 

This Large Batch Biscuit recipe is a simple and delicious way to feed a bunch of people. Make ahead and freeze, bake what you need when you need it!

# 5

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