How to Make an Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Only 5 Main Ingredients

Why You'll Love  This Hollandaise

Ready in less than  5 minutes!


The only cooking is melting the butter!


egg yolks lemon juice salt mustard butter cayenne (optional)

You are about to be so shocked at how easy making Hollandaise Sauce is, that you will spend more time thinking of new ways to use Hollandaise Sauce than you will  spend making Hollandaise Sauce Really

Start by melting some butter on the stove. Use the stove because you want your butter super hot, and doing it in the microwave may cause a butter explosion and we need less mess and more butter

Next put everything, except the butter, into your blender and mix for 10 seconds

Keep the blender running while you slowly drizzle in your hot butter

Blend for about 30 seconds and you have delicious Hollandaise. That's literally it

Taste and add more salt if you like, but you're done. Good job!

Drizzle on  everything

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