(aka Cruffins)

The Best Almond Croissant Muffins


Only 7 Main Ingredients

Why You'll Love  These Cruffins

Super simple

Ready in less than  an hour!

Tender and full of almond flavor


crescent dough sheet butter sugar almond flour eggs almond extract sliced almonds

Start by making a simple almond cream, also called frangipane. It takes just minutes and can be made days ahead of time

Roll out a crescent dough sheet (the kind that comes in a tube) and spread the frangipane over it

Slice into 12 equal strips and roll each one up...

... and place into a greased muffin pan

Brush with a simple egg wash

And top with sliced almonds

Bake until golden brown and then dust with powdered sugar

All the flavors of an almond croissant, without the trip to the bakery