The flavors of France  without the airfare

The Best Apple Cake with Almonds

Buttery soft and moist cake

Why You'll Love  This Apple Cake

Good warm or at room temperature

Ready to go in the oven in 20 minutes

Layers of tender and sweet apples


apples flour baking powder baking soda salt butter sugar eggs buttermilk almonds

Start your Apple Cake by creaming your butter and your sugar in a stand mixer or a hand mixer

Add in your eggs, one at a time. Just a bit of almond extract adds that special je ne sais quoi that you want

Alternating flour with buttermilk ensures that everything is mixed completely without overmixing

Fold in so many thin slices of apple that you'll wonder if you've overdone it.  You haven't!

Spread your batter evenly in the pan and smooth out the top, then add even more apples!

Sprinkling almonds and coarse sugar on top ensures crunch and almond flavor in every bite!

Your Apple Cake bakes up in less than an hour. Dust with powdered sugar, slice, and serve!

Tender slices of apple nestled in a moist, delicious almond flavored cake. Done!