The Best  Baked  Omelette

Can easily customize toppings

Why You'll Love  This Omelette

Cooks all in one pan

Bakes in less than  15 minutes!

Eggs bake up light and creamy


eggs heavy cream salt and pepper butter bacon potatoes mushrooms cheese fresh herbs

Unlike a traditional French or American omelette, a Baked Country Omelette is not folded or rolled

It is cooked and served in one pan and is unapologetically rustic

You will start your Country Omelette by whisking eggs with heavy cream (or your favorite milk alternative)

Then, sauté your bacon and remove to a plate.  (You can choose whatever protein you like - or go all veggies!)

In the same pan, cook your potatoes until tender. Add to the plate with the bacon

Finally, brown your mushrooms. All of this can be done the night before, with a quick reheat in the pan at mealtime!

After you remove your mushrooms from the pan, turn off the heat and pour in your eggs

Evenly distribute the bacon, potatoes, and mushrooms on top and bake at 375°F for 12 to 15 minutes, or until the eggs are just set

Garnish your  Baked Country Omelette with fresh herbs and enjoy!

This Baked Country Omelette is especially delicious with a light salad for brunch or lunch ❤️

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