The Best Biscuits  and Gravy Breakfast Casserole

Can be made with homemade or refrigerated biscuits

Why You'll Love  This Breakfast Casserole

Easy make ahead instructions

Bakes in just about  30 minutes!

Gravy, potatoes, sausage, and eggs + biscuits!!


diced potatoes breakfast sausage eggs butter, flour milk salt and pepper refrigerated biscuits

Start by cooking diced potatoes. (you can use either fresh or frozen diced potatoes) Place in the bottom of your baking dish

In the same pan, brown some breakfast sausage, and place it on top of the potatoes

Next, soft scramble some eggs. Guess where they go... on top of the potatoes and the browned sausage

Make an easy country gravy. You can use a packet gravy, but homemade is so easy!

Pour the creamy gravy all over everything

and top with cut pieces of biscuits. You can use refrigerated biscuits...

... or go the extra mile and make a small batch of my buttermilk biscuits for the top

Bake until you see creamy gravy bubbling up between golden biscuits. Enjoy!

And try making it with my 2-Ingredient biscuits! SO easy and SO fluffy and delicious!