with Herb Salsa Verde

The Best  Crispy Roasted Potatoes


Easy to find ingredients

Why You'll Love  These Potatoes

Easy to follow  two-part recipe

Tangy Herb  Salsa Verde

Super crispy  roasted potatoes


salsa verde capers anchovy paste garlic parsley dill arugula basil cilantro chives olive oil salt pepper roasted potatoes russet potatoes olive oil salt pepper rosemary

Start this recipe by very finely chopping all the herbs, arugula, and capers

Add to minced garlic and anchovy paste, season with salt and pepper, and slowly drizzle in olive oil until saucy

Taste and season with more salt and pepper if needed

Toss together diced potatoes, salt, pepper,  rosemary, and olive oil

Add to a preheated sheet pan and roast about 30 minutes, flipping once

Drizzle with your herby salsa verde and toss together. Add more salsa verde on top

Sprinkle with flaky sea salt and serve!

BTW this salsa verde is so good, you'll make it all the time!