The Best  Peach  Buckle

with Strawberries

Imagine a moist, delicious cake

Fill that cake with the best of Summer Peaches and Strawberries

Top it with streusel?  Yes, please!

Delicious light cornbread cake

Why You'll Love  This Cake

Filled with fresh  ripe fruit

Ready in about  an hour!

Sweet buttery streusel


peaches strawberries honey lemon flour sugar cornmeal salt butter baking powder baking soda buttermilk eggs

You'll kick things off by tossing your fruit with a little honey and lemon

If it isn't peach season, you can absolutely use frozen peaches!

Start by making a buttery cornmeal streusel to top your cake

Next make your cake batter that has a touch of cornmeal for amazing taste and texture

In the bottom of a buttered pan, layer half of the batter, topped with half of the fruit

Spread the remaining batter over the top

Lay the rest of the fruit on top of the batter

Finally, sprinkle your streusel all over the top of your cake and bake at 375°F for 35 to 40 minutes

Enjoy a taste of Summer with this delicious fruit-filled cake!