Festive Eggnog French Toast


Only 8 Main Ingredients

Why You'll Love  Eggnog French Toast


Ready in less than  30 minutes!

Rich eggnog flavor + Rum extract


bread slices eggs eggnog brown sugar vanilla extract rum extract cinnamon nutmeg

With a non-alcoholic rum flavor, and the rich flavor of eggnog, this Easy Eggnog French Toast is a real breakfast winner.

Start by whipping up a rich eggnog custard

Flavored with brown sugar, rum extract, cinnamon, and freshly ground nutmeg

Give thickly sliced bread a good soak in the rich eggnog custard

Cook each slice for 2 to 3 minutes per side

Placing them in a 200°F oven keeps them warm and ensures that they are fully cooked inside

Dusting them with cinnamon powdered sugar really brings home the eggnog vibe

All you need now is butter and maple syrup 😍