The Best Basic Buttermilk Muffin Recipe

with Infinite Variations!

Less than 10 ingredients

Why You'll Love  These Muffins

Endlessly customizable

Ready in about  30 minutes

No creaming butter and sugar


all-purpose flour sugar baking powder baking soda salt egg buttermilk unsalted butter vegetable oil

This Basic Buttermilk Muffin recipe includes my family's favorite variations, but the muffins are amazing as written. Don't add a thing and you are still eating the best muffin you ever stuffed in your mouth!

With or without  add-ins, this is going to be the ONLY muffin recipe you'll ever need!

Start making your  Buttermilk Muffins  by whisking together the buttermilk, eggs, sugar, and leavening agents

Then whisk in a combination of butter and vegetable oil, for flavor and moisture

Fold in your flour, and any mix-ins, if you are using them

Scoop them into your muffin pan and top with sugar or streusel, or nothing at all. They're that good!

Bake until big and tall and golden brown

Look at that moist  and fluffy interior!