The Best  Peach Frangipane Galette

Why You'll Love  This Galette

Delicious fruit and almond cream filling

Most components can be made ahead

Great for breakfast  or dessert

Rustic galette crust is easy to make


flour sugar salt butter lemon juice almond flour eggs almond extract peaches cornstarch

Start by making a delicious, buttery crust that comes together in your food processor!

Make the dough ahead and store up to 3 days in your refrigerator or 3 months in your freezer!

Easy frangipane (almond cream) comes together in minutes and can be stored for up to a week!

Assembly is as simple as rolling out your dough and spreading on the frangipane

Place your fruit on top as pretty as you please!

Fold the edges of the dough over the filling, pleating as you go

Brush the crust with an egg wash and sprinkle with sugar for shine and crunch

Bake until the crust is golden  and the frangipane is fluffy and set. Cool and slice!

Serve with sweetened yogurt for breakfast or with whipped cream for dessert!

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