Better than the bakery!

The Easiest Almond Croissants

Uses store bought croissants

Why You'll Love  These Croissants

Can prepare most of it the night before

Bakes in about 20 minutes!

Super easy recipe


croissants water sugar powdered sugar almond extract butter almond flour salt egg almonds

Start by making a delicious almond cream (frangipane). You can make this up to 2 weeks in advance for Almond Croissants on demand!

Brush the inside of sliced croissants with an easy almond syrup (included in the recipe)

Next you'll spread a generous amount of frangipane on the bottom slice of each croissant.

Replace the top of each croissant and spread a little more almond cream on the tops. Sprinkle with sliced almonds.

Bake at 375°F for about 20 minutes. Cool and then dust with some powdered sugar.

Break into a delicious Easy Almond Croissant from your very own Bakery!

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