The Easiest Sheet Pan Frittata

Fillings can be prepared ahead

Why You'll Love  This Frittata

No  soggy bottom

Ready in about  30 minutes!

No more rubbery eggs


eggs heavy cream gruyère cheese bacon mushrooms leeks anything else you want!

Start your Sheet Pan Frittata by crisping up some bacon. You can also use pancetta or ham or whatever you like!

Sauté your vegetables in the same pan until they are softened and caramelized

Place the bacon, leeks, and mushrooms in a greased small sheet pan. Pour whisked eggs, cream, and cheese over them, making sure everything is well distributed throughout.

Bake your Sheet Pan Frittata at 375°F for 18 to 20 minutes. Slice and serve for breakfast  or brunch...

... or with a salad for lunch! Buon appetito!

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