The Best Baked Chocolate Glazed Donuts

Easy to follow recipe instructions

Why You'll Love  These Donuts


Ready in less than  30 minutes!

Fluffy and moist


all-purpose flour sugar baking powder baking soda salt egg milk sour cream butter oil vanilla chocolate cream

Start your vanilla donut batter by whisking  your dry ingredients together

Then whisk together all of your wet ingredients

Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and then fold until just combined

Transfer your donut batter to a piping bag or zip top bag

Snip the bottom of your piping bag  (or the corner of zipper bag) to pipe the batter into your well greased donut pan

Bake until golden and they spring back when poked with your finger

Make the easiest chocolate glaze with chocolate and hot heavy cream

Dip in the glaze and give a sprinkle shower!

Enjoy your fluffy and delicious vanilla donut covered in ridiculously simple chocolate ganache