How to Make The Best Homemade Bisquick

Only 7 Main Ingredients

Why You'll Love  This Biscuit Mix

Easy to follow recipe instructions


Lasts 3 months at room temperature


all-purpose flour buttermilk powder shortening baking powder baking soda sugar salt

Try using butter flavored shortening for a richer  biscuit flavor!

Making Homemade Bisquick is as easy as mixing your shortening with the dry ingredients, including dry buttermilk powder.

You can use a pastry cutter, food processor, or even a stand mixer.

Spoon the Biscuit Mix into mason jars and store in your pantry for up to 3 months.

To make biscuits,  just add milk  and combine

You can use your Biscuit Mix to make rustic drop biscuits

Or roll out the dough and cut out traditional round biscuits

You can also make waffles, muffins, or pancakes with your Homemade Bisquick!

Instructions included  in recipe

Homemade Bisquick is perfect for gift giving or as a time save for  future you!

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