Sheet Pan Recipe

The Best  Oven-Baked  French Toast

Why You'll Love  This French Toast

Crispy edges and tender middles

Can be made  for a crowd

Only 10 minutes  to prep

Only 20 minutes  in the oven


sliced bread eggs milk sugar vanilla cinnamon cardamom nutmeg butter

Start your  Oven Baked  French Toast by whisking your eggs, sugar, spices, and milk

The tasty secret to The Best Sheet Pan French Toast? Brown some  butter directly on a sheet pan that you've preheated in your oven!

Dip your slices of bread in the French Toast custard, allowing them to soak it up for about a minute on each side

Place your soaked bread directly on your hot sheet pan and hear the sizzle of caramelization start!

A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar enhances the warmth of the spices in the custard.

After 10 minutes, flip your slices, sprinkle with more cinnamon sugar, and bake for another 10 minutes.

You can give your Sheet Pan French Toast a simple dusting of powdered sugar and some warm maple syrup...

Or live your best life and lay on a dollop of sweetened  greek yogurt and plenty of fresh berries!

The easiest, most delicious Sheet Pan French Toast, baked in the oven, for less fuss, less mess, and more flavor!